Hironari Koyama, D.C.

Picture of Hironari Koyama, D.C.

Upon graduating with a Bone Setter degree in Osaka Japan, he worked as a bonesetter at Ko orthopedic hospital in Kyoto for 7 years. With his passion in improving skills, he came to the United States to study chiropractic. After he earned Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Southern California University of Health and Sciences (former LACC) in Whittier, CA, he started to work at BEST Chiropractic Clinic. He continues to pursue better and effective techniques. He got certified in Applied Kinesiology in 2010. His postgraduate education includes AK, Gonstead, SOT, Crainiopathy, TBM, Neuro Emotional Technique(NET), Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Functional Endocrinology, Nutritional Response Testing(NRT), Contact Reflex Analysis (CRA) and more.